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Should You Get a PC or Laptop in 2022?

One question has been asked so many times, and every time during the year, it comes up again. Should I get a PC or a laptop? There are many things to consider when trying to answer this question but essentially, it boils down to one thing, what kind of computer do you need?

Here are our thoughts on purchasing personal computers, whether portable ones or not so portable ones.

What Are You Using the Computer For?

This question will give you the best advice on how to approach computers in any year, including 2022.

Buying a desktop PC means that you will not likely be carrying it with yourself. It is large and often heavier than one is willing to carry. It requires peripherals like keyboards and mice, not to mention a monitor.

Laptops are portable and can be powerful, but the powerful ones cost as much as a decent used car. They are also bending the term portability. If they are lighter and powerful, they will be as hot as the Sun and uncomfortable to use on your lap, not to mention loud.

If they can be kept cool, they will be bulky and heavy, which is simply due to thermodynamics. One cannot bend the laws of thermodynamics.

What is Your Budget?

Laptops can be very expensive. There are great choices for those on a budget, but it also depends on the size of that budget. The difference between 300 and 500 dollars is huge, especially if one is buying on the used market. A good used laptop can still serve you well for years to come as a browsing, entertainment and typing machine, even some light gaming, depending on the specifications. 

Desktops will be better for the same price, particularly due to the fact that they will be cooler and make less noise. They are often more powerful than a laptop, at the same price. The budget can determine what you buy, to an extent, but the purpose of the machine is more important. 

Get What You Need

If you travel a lot and you need a laptop while traveling, you should purchase one. If the work that you are doing while traveling is not hardware-intensive, then you should consider a used laptop, particularly a thinner and lighter one. 

If you are mostly at home and do hardware intensive tasks, then a desktop computer makes a lot more sense.

If you do need to work and travel, there is always the option of a used laptop, to make its purchase cost effective.

There is no need for a completely new laptop when a used one can do the job. If battery life is a concern, replacement batteries are relatively cheap and easy to obtain.

Whether to purchase a desktop or laptop computer is a question which dates back to the days when laptops became popular and affordable. Today, it can be answered by you, by answering the questions, what do you need it for and what is your budget.